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Not Just a Baby Bag – It’s our Day Pack!

Lillie & Capri Day Pack

It’s the ONE baby bag that you need.

Have you seen this baby bag before? Of course not, we created it! Insulated for a lunch box, compact and compartments to separate chilled food and Nappy change Supplies! Perfect! It’s all you’ve ever wanted!Baby Bag

Once our girls started Family Daycare, we realised that there was a real need to minimise the amount of items to carry amid the chaos of getting your little ones ready for care before you go to work! Enter our Lillie & Capri Day Pack, a Baby Bag that incorporates your traditional Nappy Bag / Diaper Bag and Lunch Bag / Lunch Cooler, in the one trendy little backpack. Gone are the days of carrying two bags out the door, say yes to simplicity and get yourself a Day Pack for your kiddies. We use the one bag between a toddler and a baby just starting solids at the moment, it’s just perfect!

With adjustable straps and a carry handle, you can amend the bag to either stow in your pram, on your older toddler’s back, or over one of your shoulders! It’s the perfect bag companion! We designed the bottom compartment with dimensions to suit up to six (6) disposable nappies, a packet of baby wipes, change of clothes, disposable nappy bags and a change mat to fit neatly within! The sky is the limit with your you choose to store though. Kasey has used the bag as a milk pumping companions, where it was suitable to place her electrical pump and charger in the bottom compartment, with freshly pumped milk with a few ice bricks in the top compartment, it’s your choice. Share with us your ideas or uses for the bag!

The upper compartment has enough room for a 600mL water bottle to stand up in, and around five to six baby bottles with food supplies in the one trip! Keep warm items warm or chilled items cool!

Order yours now:

[It’s just $5.95 for shipping within Australia, otherwise ask us about International Shipping or becoming a wholesaler]

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