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Shipping and returns


We accept returns 7 days after you’ve received the product. Return postage paid by the buyer.


International Shipping

We ship worldwide! Please email us before you order to get a shipping quote.


Wholesale and Retailers

If you’re interested in selling Lillie & Capri products in your store, we would love to hear from you! Email us and tell us about your shop.

Brand Reps

We’re looking for you to be a brand representative for Lillie &  Capri for 3 months. After this period we are open to discuss and extend the term if both parties agree.
During the 3 months, we’ll offer one Day Pack.
We expect you to post at least 8 different photos featuring the Lillie & Capri Day Pack over the 3 month period to your Instagram account, Facebook would be great too! A minimum of 2 photographs per month is required, but we would be delighted if you shared more.
Your profile must be public during this time.
You give permission for your photographs taken with Lillie & Capri product, to be shared by us (with credit of course) on our website and social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest).
We reserve the right to discontinue the agreement after one month. We will provide feedback on your photographs and let you know if they aren’t meeting our requirements.

Brand Enthusiasts

 Are you interested in being a Brand Representative? Message us, you will receive 50% off the Day Pack and Free Shipping on your product. You must comply with the same terms as the Brand Reps and follow the photo guide below.
About the photographs
The Lillie & Capri brand stands for functional, practical, minimalist and fun design.
We are looking for photos that are taken in light, bright locations with clean, uncluttered backgrounds and allow for the product to be really showcased.
We encourage you to take photos where you/your children are using the product. Feel free to use other products in the photo, such as dinnerware, toys, food, etc. However the image should clearly show the product.

You are also welcome to include the product in flat lays, ‘shelfies’, or interior design-styled photographs that showcase spaces around your home. Again, just ensure the product is clear in the photo.

Please include hashtags with each post featuring our Day Pack. A few recommended hashtags to use are (but not limited to): #lillieandcapri #daypack #babybag #nappybag #kidsstyle #monochrome.
We expect that you communicate openly if you are no longer able to meet the terms set out above.
By using our product, you accept the above agreement.

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