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Graceful as a butterfly, and limbre as can Be – Pregnancy Mishaps


I’ve had an eventful week, full of being chauffeured/taxi’d to local doctors appoinments and various tests.

You see, I was able to tick something off my bucketlist this week, I did the splits! I stretched my legs so far apart, I was convinced that I was going to fall straight onto my 30 week pregnant belly, or at least flat on my back, but no, the stretching ligaments which I’ve been noticing the past few weeks allowed me to do something that I have never been able to do pre-pregnancy (not even achieved in my gymnastics days), I managed the perfect leg spread straight down.

The only thing wrong with this scene is that I was stepping into the shower and slipped, on tiles that I had thoroughly cleaned the day before, and the chemical had obviously not entirely rinsed off.

Turns out I went straight down, in what seemed like an eternity to hit the ground, but my left arm also hit the tiles at the same time as my bare behind, with strong force.

So at 8:15pm on a Monday night I was being driven to the maternity ward to check on the baby – my main concern. All was well with the baby, strong heartbeat – and fiercely trying to remove the contrictive heartrate monitor from my belly.

My elbow was throbbing, bruised and swollen. Two hours after the monitor on the baby I was left to head home with a panadeine forte for the pain in my arm, and advised to ice my elbow.

I went to see my GP the next day, and after two days of tests its now confirmed no broken bones, but I have a torn tendon.

Whilst I am still in pain and have limited movement in my left arm, I am so thankful that my current whale-like physique and pregnancy hormones ‘saved’ me and the baby.

Does anyone have any pregnancy mishaps they can share?

This story is going in the baby book…!



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