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Latest release Day Pack – Insulated Backpack Available Now

Australian Insulated Back Pack – Lillie & Capri Day Pack

Have you been looking for a bag that will cater for baby AND as they grow into a toddler, say hello to our Australian Insulated Kids Bag and Nappy Bag. That’s right, our Day Pack is the most versatile bag you will find in the current market. We designed this bag in Sydney, Australia once our kids started daycare. We were unable to find a bag that incorporated the functions of a nappy bag and a lunch bag, so we CREATED IT! Gone are the days of lugging around two different bags when you head to the park, the cafe or work! You just pack change supplies in one compartment, and bottles, snacks and drinks in the other, and voila, over your shoulder and you are out of the house! Check out this video to see how WE PACK!


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