Meet The Team


Lillie & Capri Owners


We are a team of two, who spend most of our time chasing after our toddlers and cleaning mess. In our downtime (read: while the children nap), we are working on our passion, working on our success, Lillie & Capri.


Kylie is from a sales and financials background, takes care of sales, design and production of the business. As a former owner of a health club in Sydney, Kylie has a drive and and passion for nutrition and providing wholesome foods for her daughter. She has various certifications in financial services, personal training and nutrition and is a Certified Food Safety Handler & Supervisor. Before becoming a mother, she was found gallivanting around the gym, blissfully enjoying full-night sleeps and spending lots of time dining out. Now, she is found chasing cyclone Capri around the house, making delicious morsels for the kids and gluten-free options for herself, and enjoys watching kids tv every so often. Kylie is expecting baby number 2 in 2016, we can’t wait to meet the new bundle!



Kasey is from an I.T background of ten plus years, Kasey is in charge of all things web and social media related, with a Diploma of Management Kasey is involved with risk management, OH&S and facilitating continuous process improvement. A bit of a foodie, she started her working life in the hospitality industry and has various certifications including recent accreditation as a Food Safety Handler & Supervisor. Before becoming a mother, she would be found reading a good book, creating edible sugar flowers for cake decorating, and relaxing in the abyss of time she had doing nothing in particular. Now, she is found with coffee mug in hand, making play dough for a tea party or trying to sew a pretty size 3 dress for Lillie, or feeding little miss Lucy, the new addition to her family.



… We wouldn’t have it any other way. We are doing what we love, for who we love, in the spare moments that we receive. Love is all we need.