Nappy Bags

The exclusive designed Lillie & Capri Nappy Bags range has been created by two mums in Australia to keep quality, convenience and affordability in mind .

We don’t think you should be spending more on your Nappy Bag than your car seat (been there, done that, gulp!), so we had the opportunity to manufacture our own quality Nappy Bag line and we have run with it. Stocking both standard, compact size baby bags, through to deluxe, pack the kitchen sink style bags to you and your little ones. Pockets, we’re all about pockets, convenience and ease of use – there are many a hidey hole for a muslin wrap, bib, wipes and changes of clothes that you can be confident of fitting more than enough supplies for a day or two out. We have two kids each, and pack for both toddlers and babies at the same time so ‘we feelin ya’ in the prepared-for-anything stakes.

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